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eco friendly laundry cleaning soap for home
eco friendly cloth diaper cleaning for babies
eco friendly pet safe cleaning
eco friendly cloth pad cleaning soap

Finally it's cool to be GREEN!

Rockin' Green is made for families that care about taking care of themselves and the Earth. We can all do our part for the environment while doing something good for ourselves.
All our products are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • No Phosphates
  • Gluten and Vegan Friendly
  • No SLS or Parabens
  • No Optical Brighteners

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I'm not going to lie, I purchased Rockin Green out of desperation. I, like many other CD mommas in vehement denial, thought that I could make regular cheap detergent work for my CD routine. And it did...for a while. That is, until I got a "smell", nay, a "stench". - RG saved my stash!
Love rockin green. My friend used it for her baby's cloth diapers and she suggested it for me. I love it! - Rockin green rocks my baby’s bottom!
I just cracked open my second bag of Rockin Green. My daughter has sensitive skin (just like her mommy) and Rockin Green has given us our best diaper cleaning experience so far. - Great for my sensitive skinned daughter!
I was so excited when my clothes not only smelled clean, but were soft and actually clean without having to wash them again. - I Love that it is Animal Cruelty Free and works like no other!!
I was so happy last week my favorite scents were back in stock and when received my bags today, - I Love It!

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Kim Webb - CEO and Fearless leader for Rockin' Green. She’s the one who had the crazy idea to start making soap out of her kitchen- and we are all glad she did!

She is a busy mom of three (2 boys and a girl born just last year). Kim has her hands full with the business; family, homeschooling and nerdy game nights but she wouldn't have it any other way!

What else is Kim doing? She’s busy developing a full line of cleaning products that kick butt all around your house and doing whatever needs to be done to keep Rockin’ Green running smoothly. (Be it paying the bills, designing packaging, or keeping the employees happy by instituting weekly game days).

Thank you for being part of our family!

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Barb is our VP or Marketing and Public Relations. Sounds fancy...what do you actually do? Well I love interacting with everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Newsletters, Blogs, etc.

I work with all our great bloggers setting up reviews and giveaways. I deal with all the print and online advertising too. It's my job to come up with great contests and events that our Rockin' Green fans will love!

It also means I did our fab, new website! hope you love it too :)

The best part about my job is communicating everyday with our customers, partners and retailers.

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Marci is our VP of Customer Accounts, and our Head of Purchasing...and self proclaimed pie connoisseur. She is the one who makes sure we have soap for everyone as well as answers your questions about the products and how to use them.

I started working with Rockin' Green back in 2010 and have had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of people about green cleaning and applying Eco-concious practices into their cleaning routines. I also get the privilege of working with our raw materials vendors, and get to be directly involved in the manufacturing and supply process for all things Rockin' Green. My goal is to make sure everyone involved gets the absolute best results with when dealing with Rockin' Green products, from the production line to the customer's hands.

I would have to say that my favorite part of this job is getting to work on projects involving new product development. I love to watch our product line grow, and I love the anticipation that comes along with watching how excited our customers get when a new product is about to release.

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Teresa is our VP of National Accounts…..This means whether you sell Rockin’ Green in Malaysia or Miami, I’m your girl. Rockin’ Green has distributors in Canada, Australia, Europe, Portugal, Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa, and New Zealand, as well as retailers in thousands of cities across the US……and the list keeps growing! I LOVE that, on a daily basis, I communicate and work with wholesale customers worldwide.

The best part about my position, with Rockin’ Green, is that I am responsible for putting our product into the hands of our retailers around the globe, that in return, spread the love (well soap), to their customers. Together we are making Rockin’ Green a national and worldwide phenomenon.

At the end of my Rockin’ Green day, I shut down my laptop with a smile - For two reasons - One, I truly love my job at Rockin’ Green and two, I’m going home to my Rockin’ kiddos.

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Bienvenidos yo soy Random Raul, I like walks on sandy beaches and a 20 sided die in my pocket. I spend my days creating cool new YouTube content and keeping my fellow co-workers happy by celebrating Beersday, a weekly event I organize that combines a single libation with the fun that can be had by playing board games.

Um.... yeah one more paragraph...ooh I know! I have a baby girl and two wonderful boys who get to hang out with us in the office and that's pretty cool. I made the boss give my job title on a piece of green construction paper covered in macaroni and glitter it proudly states Raul The Moral Officer.

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Hello my name is Kevin, the Rockin' Green logistics and operations manager. I've got one awesome little boy (big shout out to Trentyn - holla!)

As of work here, I schedule all of the freights and work on getting the best rates and discounts possible to pass the savings on to our customers, I also work on the operations side of the company by helping to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. I work with an awesome team and I’m glad to be part of the Rockin Green Family.

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Hi! I'm Kat, the Rockin' Green Financial Director. I am so excited to be the newest member of the team.

As a lover of Rock n' Roll, Mother Nature and Harley Davidson's, I knew this company would be perfect for me! I enjoy spending my off time with my children and grand kids - they always keep me busy.

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Your Rockin' Green Director of Business Development. I am so excited to be working at Rockin' Green and providing everyone, everywhere with the opportunity to use our soap. My goal is to have Rockin' Green doing the dirty work for all of the busy parents across the land, in every store imaginable! We all know how the piles of laundry can sneak up and getting them all clean is a daunting task. My mission is to introduce everyone to the coolest way to keep our world clean and healthy!

I am a mom of two, Baylor University football fanatic and a country girl at heart. As a mom I have put Rockin' Green to the test, and let me tell you, from football uniforms to lip gloss nothing gets past Rockin' Green! Drop me a line and say hi when you have a chance! I would love to hear how Rockin' Green has saved your laundry!

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